Professional Low Frequency Transducer – BLAST18PRO

The BlastKing Blast Pro series features our top of the line precision transducers. Starting from our Blast8 Pro all the way up to our Blast18 Pro, our high power transducers are all made in a die-cast aluminum basket, with a paper cone, and mounted on a ferrite magnet with a 4”copper voice coil. The high power rating, great frequency response, and low distortion make the Blast Pro series the perfect choice for both live and recorded music applications.

Product Description

The Blast18 Pro is a ferrite magnet low frequency transducer capable of producing extremely low frequencies with absolute definition in professional sound reinforcement applications that require maximum output. Its 4” voice coil along with its forced air ventilation system dissipate heat and significantly increase power handling and long term reliability. The Blast18 Pro boasts an 1800 watt power rating with a frequency response between 35 Hz – 3 kHz making it an ideal choice for both live and recorded music.


The Blast18 Pro can be used for both live and recorded music applications. Capable of producing extremely low frequencies yet maintaining clarity and definition, the Blast18 Pro is the go to woofer when power and performance is required for your low frequency bass applications.


  • 4” Voice Coil
  • 900 Watts Rated Power Handling
  • 1800 Watts Program Power
  • 97 dB sensitivity
  • 35 Hz – 3 kHz frequency response
  • Forced air ventilation

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