Flexible RGBW LED Light Strip – VIVIDRGBW

Flexible RGBW LED Light Strip – VIVIDRGBW

The BlastKing Vivid flexible LED strips are used as light sources to deliver the luster and dynamic effect for the end user. This product is bendable and can be used as decorative lighting for homes, commercial applications, entertainment venues and much more.



Product Description


Bendable: Bend according to customer’s requirements.
Energy Saving: High illuminating efficiency and when supplying luminous flux equally, its power consumption is 2/3 compared to ordinary fluorescent
tubes, and 1/3 compared to ordinary incandescent lamps.
Environmentally Safe: No mercury, noise and electromagnetic radiation and such pollutants.
Long Life Span: Low attenuation and the service life can be up to 35,000 hours.
Security: Safe operating, low voltage.


Standard 16.4 Ft. (5 meter) reels
5050 IP65 SMD LED (Water Resistant)
150 leds/5 Meter or 30 leds/Meter
Low power consumption
Wide 120° viewing angle
Backed with 3M adhesive tape. Simply peel and stick


16.4 feet LED light strip
User manual


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